The Jungle Bird

The Jungle Bird 2516 J St, Sacramento
9:00 pm September 16th, 2018

Let’s get ready to Rumble in the Jungle! Join us for ‘Battle of the Blenders!’ Six contestants will go head to head in an ONE ROUND cocktail competition where Blended Cocktails are the Star of the Show. Each contestant will submit their cocktail previous to the event and will be available during for only $5! Audience participation is a must. You will be the fourth judge! There is a $500 CASH PRIZE, and the WINNER TAKES ALL!

Here are the details:

9 o’clock Start Time

Six Sacramento area bartenders will make 3 drinks for 3 Judges in 5 minutes

Must submit their recipes to us by Monday the 12th

We will batch your drinks in Slushie format for the guests to judge

Each cocktail will be available for $5

Must use 1oz of either Don Q Spiced Rum and/or Don Q PiƱa

No other rums can be used

Contestants will be judged on Taste, Appearance, Use of Spirit, & Performance (So get creative!)

You can create to your own soundtrack

Aloha/Themed Attire is a MUST!