Happy Little Trees

Ten Ten Room 1010 10th St
9:00 pm September 12th, 2018

Join us for ‘Happy Little Trees’ a Bob Ross themed Cocktail Competition. This Sacramento Cocktail Week Comp will pin barkeeps in a battle of taste & paint pallets! Each competitor will receive a color to use as the base of their drink. After a round one color off, a final round will require these artists to Spin the Wheel and create a new cocktail from the spirit and color they land on. Our panel of artistic judges will pick a champion on Color, Taste, Originality, and the contestants Costume & over all Bob Ross Impersonation!

Here are the details:

8 competitors – Round 1

3 finalists

Brands: Bulleit Bourbon, Tanqueray Ten, & Ketel One Vodka


Each competitor will have 10 mins to create a drink for the judges. Each of the three judges will receive a drink.

After the first round, 3 finalists will move on. Spin the wheel and create a drink based off the new color. Ingredients of different colors will be provided to contestants to utilize.

Judging criteria:




Bob Ross Attire & Attitude


All cocktails should be inspired by Bob Ross and fit his color palette.

Bulleit Bourbon/Rye, Ketel One and Tanqueray Ten should be the dominant spirit ingredient (min. 1 oz)

The cocktail cannot contain more than three (3) alcohol-based beverage ingredients.

The method of preparation may not involve fire or flames.

Cocktails should not contain another competitor whisk(e)y brand.

House-made syrups/bitters/tinctures are allowed and encouraged.

Each competitor will receive a Swag Bag for joining in on the fun and the top three will receive a cash prize:

1st Place $200

2nd Place $100

3rd Place $50